DX doll GA

The plush finally arrive! Very happy!! :D

Minccino is so pretty ;o; It makes me want to get one for myself too, but it's too expensive D:

My DX Tympole :D!! Fun to play with its tail haha


Permanent sales (Flats)

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- Please leave your comment in my main sales post here. Do NOT leave comments in this post, thank you so much!

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Corocoro promo cards
Blastoise - $4
Armaldo - $2

Various cards and stickers
Togepi stand card - $1.5
Scizor sticker - $2
Marill, Ho-oh, Togepi + Vulpix  - $2.5
Lugia - $3

Wobbuffet, Totodile, Teddiursa - $3
Pikachu Pokecen mini envelope - $2
Deoxys movie stickers - $2

$0.5 each or $1 for 3
Sold: Marill, both Mr mime

Larger size stickers
$1 each or $2 for 3
Sold: Weavile, Prinplup, Dialga


I received a big box on Friday! Just found it was placed on my chair after I was back home that night.

So what are the things inside?

OMG all zukans and a Cyndaquil Walky! *o*

Yay finally I get the Solosis line zukan! I love them so much because they are green in colour.

Actually this box of Pokemon merch is from a friend who lives in Taiwan. Thank you so much for the help <3

Lastly a small update of my tiny Pokemon corner XD (Please ignore those non-Pokemon things >_>)


Yea, just thinking whether I should stop making plushies (?) and concentrate on drawing. I find that I didn't draw anything serious in this summer... so that's why I have this thought... I know I have promised ppl to make plushies for them, so I will finish all what I have promised first. Yes you it's you huge Swadloon (?) I will make you a 1:1 Sewaddle I promise D: (I hope you are reading this lol)

Hope to get everything done in this year, cuz I don't think I will have much free time starting from 2012... 

CWHK 32 \;w;/

I went to Comic World HK 32 today \;w;/ I'm waiting for today since last year because my friend promised me that we went to enjoy delicious Udon again after this CWHK event XD

It's so crowded inside. I couldn't see clearly what items and books were selling most of the time :(

I didn't bought many as usual. I collect clear files so those are my main targets XD

Umm... a sheet of Pokemon BW sticker, which is drawn by my friend and me lol

Sewing, sewing and sewing

Finished a pika plush for trade today =v=
I started working on it at 4pm and finished at 12 noon XD Not actually working for a long time cuz I kept on browsing dA, LJ, plurk, forums, FB and many other websites in this period of time lol 
I think it takes me about... 4-5 hours approximately, from drawing patterns to finishing the whole thing. Super slow working efficiency lol

The photos still look horrible even I have already edited them in PS. I hate my moblie phone =A= 

*Hello I'm a fat-chu*

My messy working table XD

My working table is in the sitting room and my mom doesn't allow me to switch on the light in the afternoon. She told me that it's a waste of electricity and you don't need it in the afternoon (What a reason). The above photo was taken in the afternoon, but you can see that the environment is quite dim. It always makes my eyes feel tired and sometimes even painful while sewing D: I have no choice haha.

Some updates

I got the Tangrowth zukan from mail today ^_^ And it's my first time to receive the things that I've bought from the community called Pokemon collectors. Wow a Tangrowth came from UK! I can't wait to open the package!

Collapse )

And the following are some photos that was taken last Sunday.

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 I got so many pokemon things in these two days \;w;/
Nooooooooooooooo I have spent too much money!!

Thank you so much to my friend who gave me the Wailmer plushie and the two key chains >3< Thanks Thanks Thanks a lot !!
The Zorua plushie is soooo cute ;_; It's a bit expensive, but it's worth to buy it <3

I went to Ani-Com in HK yesterday. It's a waste of money to go there because I've bought nothing but only two pokemon coins that you can easily find in stores ;_;

Some pokemon kids were displaying. I want that Litwick D:

Play with FIMO again ;w;
I made my name OIM lol They're so tiny!